Saturday, August 10, 2013

Infinite Sam Concepcion Album Launch

Way hey!!! Just yesterday, August 10, 2013, Sam Concepcion launched his new album at Robinsons Magnila which is entitled: Infinite.

The album is only for P280 which includes 10 songs, and inside is a 20-page mini-magazine with Sam's awesome photos and song lyrics!

Anyone who bought album at the launch gets a free poster and got to have their album signed by Sam and had their photo taken with him. 
The program includes five song performances from Sam (of course), dance number from Maneuvers dancers, and the autograph signing.  

With my darling, Dayay.

What's more fulfilling than Sam Concepcion with his right arm around you while singing and looked at you for seconds after? Feels like I'm on cloud nine :))  <3

During the signing with Thyro and Yumi, the composers of Dati.

My photo op with Sam :) (we don't have selfie bc he's already tired. Aw)

Asked him to sign on the black page with my gold sharpies :) 
"Ang ganda nito ah, gold." I remembered Sam commented while he's signing my album :)

And by the love and support of all the Samsters, the album was easily Sold Out!!!

I really had a great day with the Samsters and Sam and I hope for more of these :)
I was really nice to see him again personally after 2 months. 

My fave from yesterday! :) x

LV top from Greenhills, vest from RRJ, pants from Penshoppe, and sneaker wedge from S&H.


To leave this post on a good note, I am just proud to say that I AM A SAMSTER and forever will be. <3


Blast: A Night of Fab and Glam

The College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management of LPU Manila held this year's acquaintance party at Palacio de Maynila last August 3, 2013.

Here are some of the photos I captured during the event 😊
The dance floor surely is packed after the program.
What is a fun party without your friends with you, right? ;)

Though I personally didn't enjoyed the program.. Surely, I had a great time with my friends and this will definitely not be the last. 

As for my outfit, I settled with this outfit for the colorful theme of the party.
Neon pink peplum top from Betty (SM Department Store), Aztec skirt from Bubbles, Leopard heels from Barbie by Shubiz.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bata, bata: Na-bully ka na ba?

As one of the requirements of our NSTP2 subject, we held an outreach program to the kids of Baseco. Asking a little of their time to spend it with us and listen to the things we would like to share them about bullying, we get to interact with other people and we even went to the children's houses to ask for their parents' permission to join us in our program.

After the program, we gave each one snacks and some supplies which they can use at school, as a token of gratitude for sharing their time with us.

It was fun and heart-warming to help those kids and see the smile on their faces.. though it's tiring and so hot on the venue. (Hehe)

Lots if love x

Happy Father's Day ❤

First of all, late post, i know. Haha.
Well here it is.

To somehow celebrate father's day (hehe) we had our dinner at Mr. Miyagi smokeless grill somewhere in Timog. Sorry I don't know the exact place. It's a Japanese typical eat-all-you-can restaurant we have here in the Philippines. Where you get to grill your own food on your table and having so many dish to choose from.

We don't have much photos of the place 'cause we're too busy eating. 😄✌but here are some of our photos ^.^

You can see that I'm on a diet. Lol

 Look up... 

Settled for a very casual look for this. Top from Lhasa and shorts from Crissa. 

Belated Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. :) <3

Thanks for reading! Much love x


Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Direction on 3D

The extended trailer:

Deep breaths, Directioners….deep breaths!
I know you watched the trailer already and no one can't deny that it's so AMA-ZAYN!!!
We all can't wait for August 30, can we?
With all the Directioners in a cinema? Watching the boys with a 3D glasses on?

The movie poster:

The movie shows their life as One Direction, from their tours, signings, recordings,
albums, and some things we don't know YET. Ü

(L-R: Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles)

PS: Just a friendly reminder, 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

OOTD: New Summer Year

This is my New Year's Eve outfit and I really think that my outfit is more of a summer outfit,
don't you think? Haha
These photos were taken after our massive countdown to 2013 ^.^

 Flip flops because we're just at home. haha

Stolen? lol

They also commented that I style like Ann Li.
haha but she's wayyy prettier than me guys :D
It's because she's my idol and I sooo love her x

Hair done by: Clarence Jimenez
What I wore: Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Kisses and Co.
Hat- SM Accessories. 

♥ Lineth X