Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank You 2011

Another year to say thank you and good bye and a new year to welcome and cherish :)
This 2011 gave me a lot of wonderful memories with my family and friends.
My unforgettable moments this year:
-I joined the 12-hr Famine of World Vision
- God gave us our own house
- my harry potter themed 16th birthday (care of my mother;)
- Ann Li added me on fb and tweeted me on twitter
- I was confined at the hospital for three days ;D
- Harry Potter last movie:(
- Senior's Retreat at assumption, antipolo
- God wake me up everyday
- and a LOT MORE :) others are personal though ;) haha. no need to share those.

Although there are problems that blocked my way, I thank God that I surpassed those problems and that he gave me more reasons to be happy and thankful in my life. :)
This and saying a thank you prayer will never be enough to pay back all the things this year gave me :) and I hope that 2012 will do the same thing :)

I also like to thank all the people that has been always there for me no matter what happens :) This was my best year so far <3 haha.
Thank you 2011 very much! ;) you will forever remain in me heart.
and Welcome 2012 !! please be good to me and my family :) <3

Okay. Rush pic after I made this blog :) haha. Big smile for the last day of 2011.
(sorry for the face ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New haircut :D

Had my hair cut a while ago :) it became shorter of course xD  haha. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I did yesterday ;)

So, I felt that my room is a bit messy and I still have new thing to put in my room.
With the help of my cousin, I cleaned my room and arrange my closet.
I feel so productive! HA HA :D
Glow in the dark stickers on my closet door ;)
 I love love love this curtain we bought from divisoria :) its RED and with lots of HEARTS :D
 Stickers also on the top of the door and on the lower part of my wall beside my bed.
I just want to share 'cause it's full of hearts <3 that made me happy :) haha