Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012

The thought of leaving high school really saddens me... :(

March 2, 2012. Our last regular class in our school. Next week, we'll be having our final exams and NAT. just that. we won't be having class anymore :( though we'd still meet, and will be having time together for the next days until March 30, it's still different. We'll just keep on practicing for our graduation. :(

La Purisima Concepcion Academy of Malabon Inc. The place where it all happened. Tears, laughter, challenges, stress, complains, victories, defeats, friendship, love, enemies, gossips, bullies, and more. and I thank God and my parents for letting me come back to this school to be a sophomore, that was.. um, year 2009

High school life really is one of the best in every teen's life. Because this is where it all begins. Here, we learned to find ourselves, face problems in our own, find our true friends, and live life at its best. Yes,  there maybe times we got tired to go to school and complain a lot to our teachers about the school works, but all of that, for me is nothing once we're all together sharing happy memories.

On our last day, I can't stop thinking and trying to sink in my mind that this will really be the our last day in class. and after class, lunch time, my batch mates were already talking about that. That we'll leave our school soon and go separate ways in college. As I am looking around, I can't help but to smile while I see my batch mates.. seriously. :') some are still doing the experiment on our physics class, some were eating, some were just fooling around, and at my side were my friends and other classmates, singing while someone's playing the guitar.
'I'll surely miss high school for the rest of my life' , I thought to my self.

Then, there came our history teacher during our sophomore year (well, for others, during their freshman and sophomore year) telling us that he'll surely miss our batch and this day is also our last flag retreat. he also quoted that we are the best batch yet, just like what our history teacher now told us yesterday. and he was crying that made us cry too.
We are the best yet because we really have different bonding. We were no longer classmates, batch mates, friends, or whatever, 'cause we are already a Family. (right? :)
HAHA. I really love what's happening to me now. and i hope that it'll be like this for the rest of my life.

we still have 28 days, i suppose? or less..? so i'll just make these last days more memorable for me and for my friends.
and I just want to say in advance to all my batch mates, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU ALL ;)

(a/n: hihi moment ko to :) wag na epal -.- walang basagan ng trip k? inuunahan ko na kayo. HAHAHA. jk.)