Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ann's remembrance ❤

Sorry I'm too lazy to type it again haha just read it on the photo :) on how I got Ann's personal powder ❤💗😁

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another chapter ended. New chapter begins.

March 30, 2012, 4:00pm. Our graduation day.

Today will be also our last day in school and the last day where we can call ourselves a high school.
At first, I feel nervous. I don't know. I just know to myself that after this night, my high school life will end.
'I don't want to cry.' I always repeat that to myself. Haha. because I know that this night will be memorable for all of us. Batch 2011-2012.

The program of course is just the typical programs during graduation. Entrance of graduates, faculty, staffs, administration, and guests. Then video presentation from our batch, giving of diplomas, giving of awards, valedictory speech, and here comes the graduation song then the recession.
We have 2 graduation songs. Win by Brian Mcnight and You Have Made A Difference by...Um, I don't know xD

At the second song, we approached our parents, to thank them and our teachers to also thank them and bid them goodbyes.
That moment, tears were flowing everywhere. It was really sad to leave..

But Graduation is not yet the end. It is a start for us, graduates, to face another journey in our lives.

Our friendships will never end. We may not see each other again 5 days a week, and almost ten hours a day,but I know that nothing within us will change. And There will still be time for us to see each other and do things we love to do together.
In college, yes we'll have new friends. But for me, high school friends will always be the best-est friends I have. That's true.

I'll forever remember this chapter of my life and I'm looking forward for the time wherein we'll all meet again 10, 20, or 30 years from now to reminisce the past and create more memories together.
I'm happy that I graduated from this institution with friends and memories that I love. ❤
Thank you to all my batchmates. I'll miss you and I love you all 😉 don't forget me oKay? Cause me, never.

Lineth Rivera
Batch 2011-2012