Saturday, January 5, 2013

OOTD: New Summer Year

This is my New Year's Eve outfit and I really think that my outfit is more of a summer outfit,
don't you think? Haha
These photos were taken after our massive countdown to 2013 ^.^

 Flip flops because we're just at home. haha

Stolen? lol

They also commented that I style like Ann Li.
haha but she's wayyy prettier than me guys :D
It's because she's my idol and I sooo love her x

Hair done by: Clarence Jimenez
What I wore: Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Kisses and Co.
Hat- SM Accessories. 

♥ Lineth X

Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Nothing's more fun during New Year's Eve than celebrating it with your family.
I've never been this excited to welcome new year.
It was really fun to wait for 12mn and jump around, scream out loud with your family and relatives.
Here are some of our pictures during NYE and New Year ♥

 With mum ♥
 with some of my cousins X
 Countdown to 12 Ü
 Tricia, Linielle, and Eunice
 Hello 2013~

One of the things that make me happy are fireworks display ♥

We have more pictures but these are just some of my favorites :)
Will post OOTN on my next blog post x

♥ Lineth x

Awesome Gifts :)

One of the things that make Christmas exciting is opening gifts. Right?
We all do love receiving gifts, don't we? Whether it's big or small, it's the thought that counts.
And here are some of the gifts I received this Christmas that I would like to share to you Ü

 A very awesome trunk to put my collections of Harry Potter and One Direction! :)
Very London. I love it. Thanks Ate Ethel Ü

The book I really want to receive. The Fault in our Stars by John Green.
This is what I received on our exchange gift. Thank you Tita Josie :)
(Though the other one, Looking for Alaska, was bought by my mum ♥)

 My other gifts; the top from Forever 21, was from Ate Jocel.- Thanks!
The pillow and the cute mini drawer organizer (if that's what it's called) are from the Samsters! Ü
Thanks a lot x 

And because I'm in love with hearts, and the word love, my best friend Kheana bought this belt (with me! :) for me! Thank you Bru x

Thank You~
Happy Holidays!
(it's better late than Never. HAHA)

♥ Lineth Ü

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Na Na Na- One Direction (Linielle Grace cover)

Hi I just wanna share to you guys the video of my sister singing Na Na Na of One Direction :)
Well she's a directioner too. Like me ^.^
So here it is! I hope you like it Ü
Though the video is not that perfect and a little shaky :)
Please like and share :)

Here is my little sister :)
Linielle Grace Rivera, 6